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Hue by SLA

Glass Painting Kit

Glass Painting Kit

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Embrace the vibrant world of glass painting! Join our activity to unleash your creativity on glass as your canvas. Express yourself in brilliant hues and create personalized masterpieces. A colorful adventure awaits. 

Materials Included: 

  •  Glass tumbler 
  •  Glass paints
  •  Outliner
  •  Stencil
  •  Glue drops

Terms & Conditions

1. We do not offer refunds for canceled bookings. However, we provide the flexibility to reschedule or transfer your booking. The rescheduled or transferred booking must be utilized within 15 days from the originally booked activity date.
2. The management reserves the right to change or cancel a booking with prior notice. In the event of such changes or cancellations, a refund will be initiated.
3. Hue by SLA is not liable for any injuries or damages caused to you or your children during any of our workshops. Participants are advised to assume responsibility for their well-being and that of their children during the course of the workshop.

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